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Businesses in and around the Panoche Valley are Claravale Farm, Douglas Ranch, Field to Feast, Heirloom Organics, Mercey Hot Springs, MK Farms, Panoche Country Construction, Panoche Inn, Panoche Valley Vineyards, Rancho de la Llanada and Your Family Farm.

Claravale Farm

Producing Pure and Natural, Raw Dairy Products Since 1927.

The historic Claravale Farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality dairy products using simple, old fashioned, natural methods.

What's So Special About Claravale Farm Milk? 

It's fresh.  Claravale Farm milk is often sold the day it comes out of the cow and is never more than a few days old.  Other milk can be up to a month old before it reaches the supermarket shelf.

It's high quality, Jersey milk. Claravale Farm milk comes from Jersey cows. This breed is world renowned for the quality of its milk, which contains higher concentrations of proteins, solids, butterfat, and beta-caroteen than other breeds. Milk sold in supermarkets comes mostly from Holsteins, which produce larger quantities of more watery milk. Due to their breeding, Holstein milk also contains higher levels of Bovine Growth Hormone than Jersey milk.

It's natural. Claravale Farm whole milk is entirely natural. Only the cream has been removed from our nonfat milk.

It's unprocessed. Claravale Farm milk goes from the cow, to the bottle, to you. Other milk may be pasteurized (cooked), homogenized (processed so the cream won't rise to the top), adulterated with synthetic vitamins and other additives, and standardized. Standardization is the process used by all major producers where milk is separated into its constituent solids and fat, partially dehydrated, and then mixed back together to form a product which just conforms to minimum legal limits for milk. At Claravale Farm we bottle the milk directly from the cow.

It's unadulterated. With the exception of removing the cream from our nonfat milk, Claravale Farm milk has not been altered in any way. We add nothing to it nor do we take anything out of it.

It's nutritious. Claravale Farm milk is raw milk. The natural nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes it contains have not been destroyed or altered by cooking, as is the case with pasteurized products.

It's marketed direct. We bottle and market the milk ourselves, so we have control over every step of the process. This allows us to produce a quality product and get it to you quickly. Most other producers sell their milk to cooperatives who sell it to processors who sell it to distributors who sell it to markets who sell it to you. Milk from other producers goes through many hands before you get it and is distributed over large areas.

It's clean. Cleanliness standards for raw milk are stricter than for pasteurized products. Claravale Farm milk is inspected regularly by the Department of Agriculture and the state veterinarian

It's ethically produced. At Claravale Farm we treat our cows with old fashioned kindness and respect. We feed them nothing but hay and grain and house them in comfortable quarters. We never use hormones or other substances to artificially increase milk production. Our milk comes in returnable glass bottles which never need to go to the landfill and we use environmentally friendly dairying methods.

It tastes great. Because Claravale Farm milk is natural, pure, clean, and fresh, it tastes wonderful.

It's real milk. Because it is not processed or adulterated, Claravale Farm milk is the last real, honest milk you can buy.

Douglas Ranch Meats - All Natural Grassfed and Pastured http://www.douglasranchmeats.com

In the Panoche Valley, Douglas Ranch raises Angus Beef cattle, White Dorper meat sheep and several varieties of pigs on large natural pastures.

The Douglas family is committed to sustainable agriculture and adherence to pure and beyond organic practices.  Managed Intensive Grazing assures that the land is naturally fertilized and native grasses thrive.  Cattle are moved daily to new pasture and are followed, after three days, by a flock of free range hens from Your Family Farm.  No chemicals, manufactured fertilizers or any unnatural amendments to the land are used.  Animals are not treated with hormones, antibiotics or chemical medications.  The meat is processed and USDA inspected by a local processing plant about an hour from the ranch where the animals have minimal handling and receive humane treatment.  Our meats are custom-cut, shrink sealed, labeled and frozen to be delivered fresh to you.

Grassfed animals allow us to enjoy nature's bountiful nutrients and health giving properties through their untainted delicious meat.  Compared to confined and feedlot animals, you can see the quality and taste the difference in our grassfed and pasture raised meats.  We know that our customers care about how and where their food is raised.

Field to Feast

Field to Feast

Local distributor of grassfed meats, raw dairy products, Estate Grown Olive Oil, honey, certified organic shade grown coffee and more, from San Benito and Santa Cruz County!  If you would like more information on how to purchase items, please contact Christie Kissinger - 831-421-1894 or go to the website http://fieldtofeast.org/.  In addition, we deliver to restaurants and most recently were featured by Chef Beverlie Terra, founder of the 'Farm to Table' dinner series at the Chaminade in Santa Cruz, Ca.  Past features were by Chef Michael of Michael's on Main at the USDA Rural Dinner at the Seymour Lab in Santa Cruz and the Hunter Hill Vineyard Dinner Series in Soquel.

Heirloom Organic Gardens  http://www.heirloomorganic.com/index2.html

Welcome to Heirloom Organic Gardens!  We only grow vegetables, fruits and other crops that we like the taste of, and use largely Heirloom varieties.  Where we use modern varieties, they must give the taste experience of the best Heirlooms. 

We, at Heirloom Organics pride ourselves on delivering quality produce to you and your business, so take a look at some of the best organic produce around!

FARM HISTORY/PHILOSOPHY: A farmer since age 14, Grant has experience in both small-scale agriculture and corporate agribusiness. He started farming organically in 1975 and was a founding member of California Certified Organic Farmers on the Central Coast. In early 2006 Grant acquired Heirloom from founder Stuart Dickson. Heirloom Organics uses a combination of organic and Biodynamic practices to grow an assortment of vegetables and herbs. Grant is committed to flavor, freshness, organics, and genetic preservation. The farm primarily grows open-pollinated varieties that have been passed down through generations (known as heirlooms); Grant is constantly expanding his repertoire of such varieties. Each year, Heirloom grows over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit.

SOIL: Compost, trace minerals, cover crops, manufactured organic fertilizers, and composted kelp.

WEED CONTROL: Hand and tractor cultivation; flaming to singe weed seedlings.

PEST MANAGEMENT: Habitat for beneficial insects, crop rotation, heirloom cultivars, climate awareness, soil cultivation, water management, organic additives, and "letting nature take its course."

WATER USE: Drip and overhead irrigation from well water.


MK Farms

Organic Farm - MK Farms is located in beautiful Panoche Valley and is a grower of organic figs and apples.

Mercey Hot Springs - https://merceyhotsprings.com/Home_Page.html

Mercey Hot Springs' Mission is to provide a natural and unspoiled recreational area and retreat for the benefit of the public, while implementing Renewable Energy and Ecologically Friendly systems and resources, wherever possible, to minimize any negative impact to the environment.  We invite you to visit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and excellent view of the surrounding mountains, valleys (and stars at night) while soaking in the soothing, hot-mineral water of Mercey Hot Springs.

Phone: 209-826-3388
(If no answer, leave voice mail.)

9 AM to 8 PM - daily

Panoche Valley Vineyards

Organic Farm - Panoche Valley Vineyards produces wine grapes and olives on class one soil on the valley floor.

Rancho de la Llanada

Rancho de la Llanada has been a cattle grazing operation for years and was previously known as Spanish Cattle Company.  This is ideally situated in Panoche Valley where they produce grass finished beef.

Your Family Farm

Your source for local eggs raised entirely on pasture using methods that go beyond current organic standards and replicate nature as closely as possible.  We have a flock of 250 hens made up of five different breeds that lay eggs in a variety of colors, (including green!):  Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Ameraucanas, Golden Sex-links and Black Sex-links.  Since leaving the brooder house and yard at three months of age, they have lived entirely on pasture.  We have provided them an Eggmobile, or portable henhouse on wheels, for laying eggs and roosting at night.  They live the ideal chicken life, foraging on beautiful, diverse pasture, chasing bugs, taking dust baths and basking in the sun.  Whatever their natural inclination is, they can do it.  We supplement their diet with American grown organic feed from Modesto Milling, daily, along with a constant supply of fresh water and clean straw for their nests.

Just like birds in nature always follow herbivores as biological cleansers, our hens follow a small herd (less than twenty) of cattle from the Douglas Ranch, and act as pasture sanitizers.  The cattle and hens are secured inside an electric netting fence.  For the hens, the fence is mostly to keep predators away as they can fly out whenever they feel like it.  The cattle and hens are moved daily so they have a constant supply of fresh pasture to graze on.

Pastured hens produce eggs with more Omega-3 fatty acids, more vitamins A and D as well as less cholesterol than conventionally produced eggs.  Our hens are living the life often recomended for humans:  eat more greens and fiber, exercise daily and reduce stress levels.  Our hens are never medicated and our pastures are never treated with anything but what the cattle and hens deposit naturally.

Douglas Ranch  http://www.douglasranch.com/

Douglas Ranch is located in the heart of Central California in the picturesque and historic Panoche Valley.  You enter the ranch from the old stagecoach route. Not much has changed in this ranching
community for over 100 years. The feeling of the Old West is certainly alive in Panoche Valley.

Surrounding the Valley are high mountain peaks and thousands of acres of public lands where our clinic participants explore some of the natural beauty on Back Country Rides. There are moderate trails for a leisurely day ride or more challenging trails into the wilder areas on an overnight camping excursion.

Since settling in the Panoche Valley, the Douglas Family has created a diverse place where our clients may experience beauty and tranquility in a western ranch setting. The scenery is breathtaking from sun up to sunset with wide open spaces and beautiful panoramas at every turn. The ranch has a first class training facility, performance horse breeding program and a variety of clinics held throughout the year.

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